Our Trainings

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Since 1907, the YWCA has been dedicated to two monumentally important tasks with very few champions in the fight Eliminating Racism and Empowering Women. Pursuing our commitment to implement racial and social justice programming in our daily work is an impetus of our Volunteer and Training Institute. By offering educational and informative presentations by nationally-known speakers, mental health professionals, social workers, educators, school counselors, youth workers, and others working in social service organizations have the opportunity to gain new ideas on racial justice and equity in our communities.

YWCA Continuing Education Series | CEU

For over 20 years, the Austin affiliate of the YWCA has been an accredited provider of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for licensed social workers (LM/LCSW), licensed marriage & family therapists (LMFT) and licensed professional counselors (LPC).   Through the Continuing Education Series, licensed clinicians, educators, and others working in social services have the opportunity to sharpen their counseling skills. Each Continuing Education training offered provides three (3) CEU hours, unless otherwise indicated.

YWCA Professional Development Series | PDS

Through the innovative and informative Professional Development classes, YWCA Training Institute harnesses the skills and talent of locally-known speakers and professionals to educate Greater Austin women about emerging issues in the ever-changing workplace.

YWCA Personal Growth Series | PGS

YWCA Personal Growth Series helps participants capitalize on their personal resources and develop new inner strengths to facilitate participants’ growth and self-awareness.

YWCA Love & Sexuality Series | LSS

Love. Sexuality. Relationship. Not necessarily in that order. YWCA Love & Sexuality Series is an opportunity for participants to enhance their understanding of, and potential fulfillment within, the various and diverse levels that exist of love, sexuality and relationships.

Certificate Programs | CPs

In keeping with the YWCA’s mission to eliminate racism and empower women, YWCA Greater Austin is launching two certificate programs. They are designed for professionals, business owners and individuals seeking to increase their ability to catalyze social change within the work environment. Additional information coming soon.