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If your organization is looking to promote racial justice, civil rights, & equity through professional development training, YWCA Greater Austin can bring our trainings to you! If you are interested in a topic you don't see listed, use the custom request form at the bottom of the page. For any additional questions, contact Haleigh at Haleigh@ywcaaustin.org.


Opening up the Dialogue
This workshop serves as an opportunity for people to begin to embrace a culture of openness and thoughtful conversations around difficult subjects.
Know Thyself: Identifying Patterns of Oppression
This workshop guides participants through an honest discussion and assessment of the barriers that exist within an organization that inhibit equity and access and how individuals contribute to the continuation of these barriers.
Addressing Intersectionality: Gender and Race
This workshop examines race, class and gender as influential, interlocking dimensions of social identities that shape institutions, dynamics, processes, and cultures.
Exploring Systematic Privilege and Microaggressions
This workshop provides tools to identify and remedy subtle/hidden barriers inherent that are codified through existing and acceptable policies and procedures involved with systemic power dynamics and imbalances.
Systematic Solutions for Racial Equity
This workshop explores and emphasizes the processes by which institutions and systems create and maintain racism and helps identify tools for equity-based solutions to create change.
Gender Analysis & Mainstreaming
This workshop familiarizes participants gender mainstreaming and gender analysis through best practice and case studies from around the world, by focusing on specific sectors or policy areas.
Trauma & Oppression
This workshop will explore how institutionalized oppression creates and re-creates powerlessness and trauma, how it manifests at different levels of a community, how to identify challenges to having conversations about oppression and learn ways to address them.
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