YWCA Greater Austin

Barbara Cossie Legacy Fund

To honor Barbara Cossie as the person with the longest service in the history of YWCA Greater Austin’s 110 year history, we are delighted to present you with the Barbara Cossie Legacy Fund. The Fund celebrates her 34 years of service at the YWCA and will help us continue to address the root causes of gender and racial injustice.




Barbara began her "service" at the University Y (now known as the YWCA Greater Austin) in 1982 on 2330 Guadalupe on the second floor of the Varsity Building. During her time at the YWCA she has been through three moves with the YWCA; worked under six executive directors; and, seen a countless number of YWCA staff, interns and volunteers come and go. She has seen the finances go up and down, YWCA programs move in and out, as well as program name changes. She has held numerous positions and filled numerous roles at the YWCA. Most recently she served as Coordinator, for one of the YWCA’s flagship programs, the Training Institute. In this role, Barbara has helped build capacity to address the root causes of gender and race-based inequalities in thousands of individuals and service providers. Throughout it all, Barbara has maintained a sense of joy, a sense of humor, and a dedication to the mission of the YWCA and serving the Greater Austin Community. She lights up a room like fireflies in a jar, and for that we are grateful.