YWCA Greater Austin


Purpose Statement for the YWCA Local Advocacy Committee

The purpose of the YWCA Greater Austin's Advocacy Committee is to effectively and efficiently engage in advocacy efforts, local to national, that will promote the YWCA mission and vision as well as community engagement, partnerships, and leadership development. Locally, the YWCA Greater Austin fully supports all public policy priorities set by the YWCA USA for all YWCAs throughout the country. Our Advocacy Committee also focuses on the following local priorities.

1) Mental Health Awareness:

Among women and families in the Austin community mental health awareness has a direct connection with YWCA Greater Austin programs and services. The YWCA Greater Austin Advocacy Committee will work to take advantage of community events and public forums to raise awareness of the importance of mental health services and advocate for affordable access for women and communities of color.

2) Voter Registration:

The right to vote is the foundation of our democracy. Women, people of color and low-income individuals lor and have historically faced significant barriers to voting and many still do. The YWCA Greater Austin Advocacy Committee will focus on voter registration training and campaigns in an effort to increase awareness about voter ID laws and increase the number of women and people of color that vote in local/state/national elections.